Somfy - 24V DC 2-Conductor Power Cable (7.5' Length)

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Somfy - 24V DC 2-Conductor Power Cable (7.5' Length) #9014794

Sonesse 30 24V DC 2 conductor power cable. The Sonesse 30 RTS 24V DC is the new and improved quiet DC motorization for small profile shades, dedicated to interior applications.

DC power supplies provide consistent DC power to machinery and equipment in areas where AC power is not available or accessible. DIN-mount DC power supplies with overload protection are typically used for starting high in-rush loads. Linear power supplies are commonly used for providing low-noise, reliable DC power for control and processing applications. AC-to-DC converters with overload protection are suitable for powering heavy-duty equipment. A switching DC power supply provides a range of power ratings, output voltages, and styles for applications with changing power demands.



  • Sonesse 30 24V DC 2 conductor power cable
  • Applications: Building management / Interior Window Coverings: Blinds / Projection screen
  • Power Cable JST 2 WIRE
  • 7.5’ Length
  • 1 Cable: 2 wires