2 ft. White Continuous Loop Cord 3.2mm

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Castellanos Continuous White Cord Loop 3.2mm Window Blind Looped String, Compatible with Hunter Douglas, Bali, Graber, Levolor, Kirsch, and More - Used on Cellular and Pleated Shades

Continuous cord loop blinds operate using a cord attached to a pulley. Unlike standard lift cords, a continuous cord loop lift loops or returns back to the headrail, creating one endless cord. Pulling the cord one direction raises the shades and pulling it the opposite direction lowers the window shades.


The shade will stop at the height and hold position when the operation of the cord is stopped. The continuous cord loop lift system makes raising larger window blinds easier and is ideal for making larger blinds easier to raise and lower. Although the continuous cord loop or rollease option is available on many different window blinds one of the most common applications is roller blinds. Some other applications include cellular shades, roman shades, bamboo shades and more.


The continuous cord loop system can be on either side of the shade. Advantages of the Continuous Cord Loop Lift System Easy to raise larger, heavier shades. Shades stop in the position you want. Cords can be attached with cleats to keep them out of the way. Easily stop adjacent shades at the same height.


This Cord Loop Comes in the following sizes (Drop Down Length of the Loop): 2 Ft. - Cord Measures 48", Drops to 24" 3 Ft. - Cord Measures 72", Drops to 36" 4 Ft. - Cord Measures 96", Drops to 48" 5 Ft. - Cord Measures 120", Drops to 60" 6 Ft. - Cord Measures 144", Drops to 72" 8 Ft. - Cord Measures 192". Drops to 96"


  • Continuous White Cord Loop


  • Fits All Brands


  • Multiple Sizes - 2ft. - 8ft.


  • Continuous Window Blind Looped String


  • Used on Roller, Cellular, and Pleated Sheets


  • Compatible with Hunter Douglas, Levolor, Bali, Graber, Kirsch, and Many More