Eolis RTS Wind Sensor 24V DC Kit (9012499)

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Somfy Eolis RTS Wind Sensor, 24V

The Eolis RTS Wind Sensor is a wireless, battery-powered wind sensor that will automatically retract an awning based on wind generated movements.

When the Somfy Eolis RTS Wind Sensor (24V) detects powerful winds, it automatically retracts a motorized awning to help prevent damage to the awning. You can set the wind threshold (6 to 31 mph) directly at the sensor for personalized use. The sensor is compatible with Somfy's LT RTS CMO and ALTUS RTS motors and is powered by an included class 2 transformer.

An added measure of wind protection that is accurate and reliable due to Somfy’s patented, exclusive technology.


Intuitive programming: With the sensor installed on the front bar of the awning, simply shake the awning with your hand to record in the sensor’s memory the magnitude of movement that should not be exceeded. This adjustment can also be set using a potentiometer control within the sensor's enclosure.

  • COMFORT & CONVENIENCE - Automatically protects your awning when wind is detected … even while you are away. Battery powered with an indicator to alert you when they need to be replaced

  • PEACE OF MIND - Worry-free operation designed to protect your awning in windy conditions. Built-in alert to warn you when the battery needs to be replaced.

  • ENERGY SAVINGS - Reduce energy consumption up to 40%

  • Made by Somfy

  • MAINTENANCE-FREE - The Eolis RTS is durable and needs no maintenance. When the battery level is low, an indicator warns the end-user, who can easily replace the batteries without assistance.