3/4-Inch Round Cafe Curtain Clips, Brass (14 Pack)

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3/4-Inch Round Cafe Curtain Clips, Brass
Give any window a cozy makeover with these modern cafe curtain clips. A popular solution for large, contemporary set-ups: Stretch a tension wire from the end of each window. Prior to tightening the wire, add as many cafe clips as you will need to hang your lightweight fabric. Once the wire is tightened, you will be able to smoothly and uniquely operate your curtains!
Graber is part of the Springs Window Fashions family of companies, the second-largest global manufacturer and distributor of window coverings and drapery hardware. The company's extraordinary offerings are available through independent designers, franchisors, and decorators.
  • Metal
  • Crafted of durable metal
  • 3/4-Inch Diameter
  • Squeeze sides of clips to open for insertion of fabric
  • Color: Brass