Hz TRANSMITTER 16 channel handheld (white) #2007350

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Hz TRANSMITTER 16 channel handheld (white) #2007350 


The Simu Remote control HZ 16 channel controls up to 16 motorized products (awning, shade, rolling shutter, etc.) and up to 16 groups of motorized products within a range of 65 feet (55 feet in open field). It is compatible with Somfy RTS and Simu HZ technology.


The new collection of wireless transmitters to easily control a roller shutter, an awning or a lighting.


The remote control: compact, ergonomic and practical, it fits easily in the hand and can also be hung up on the wall thanks to its magnetic bracket.


Elegant, both understated and modern, this new transmitter easily blends into any kind of decor.


A touch of comfort: record a favorite position on your roller shutter or awning and activate it by simply pressing the stop button. Convenience never looked better- with one convenient, elegant remote, you can take control of the natural light that surrounds you. 

  • MODERN LOOK: Sleek lines, simple design and great finishes.

  • COMFORTABLE FEEL: Tactile buttons 

  • EVERY WINDOW IS WITHIN REACH: Radio frequency (RF) technology reaches window treatments 25-65 feet away, indoors or outdoors.

  • ALWAYS WHERE YOU WANT IT: Simu Hz Mobile Transmitter includes a unique wall bracket so it’s always where you want it, right inside a doorway or wherever convenient.

  • QUICK AND EASY SETUP: Follow the included instructions to quickly connect Simu Hz TRANSMITTER and take control of the natural light in your home.