Pegatanke Epoxy Super Glue White Kit - Cold Welding Pega Tanke Glue Epoxy

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Pegatanke Epoxy Super Glue White Kit - Cold Welding Pega Tanke Glue Epoxy - Applicable on any Surface and Under Water - Repairs and Works on Metal, Wood, Plastic, and more Net WT. 1.48 oz (44cc)


PEGATANKE White is a high-quality epoxy adhesive, designed to provide esthetic finishing touches. As it can dry underwater, it is an ideal glue for repairing boats and refrigerators. This adhesive resist demanding physical and chemical conditions in industrial, automotive, naval, electrical, construction repairs, among others. Moreover, it is fully functional in-home repairs, withstanding high temperatures, tension and corrosive effects of chemicals and solvents. IDEAL FOR: Refrigerators, Ships, Windows. The product is simple to use with clear instructions and only 6 steps to follow (refer to picture for instructions).


PEGATANKE is a high-quality adhesive brand known globally with 10 in the market and presence in more than 21 countries. It is used at home and in the industry, and it offers durable solutions in repairs and construction. The positive projection of our brand is determined by the countless successful experiences of our customers and consumers. With PEGATANKE it’s very easy, fix it and done!


An epoxy glue of high quality, designed to solve among other things, aesthetic problems (white color) but of course this does not make it a weak glue, a property to highlight is the fast dry under water, which makes it an ideal glue in boat repair. Developed to withstand the most demanding physical and chemical conditions, ready to be used in any sector industrial, automotive, naval, electrical, construction, among others, as well as in the simplest or traditional home repairs because their characteristics of high resistance to extreme temperatures, high tensile strength, hardness and attack of chemicals and solvents.

  • High quality epoxy glue


  • Applicable on any surface or underwater


  • Used for both simple and complex repairs


  • High resistance to extreme temperatures


  • Simple to use


  • Dries underwater