Automate Paradigm Handheld 1 Channel Remote Control #MTRF-REM-1C

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Rollease Acmeda Automate Paradigm Handheld 1 Channel Remote Control for Roller Shades - #MTRF-REM-1C


The RollEase Automate Paradigm 1 Channel Remote Control MTRF-REM-1C. This is a Paradigm remote which features a contemporary design with touch sensitive controls.


The Rollease AUTOMATE Paradigm remote controls feature a contemporary design with touch sensitive buttons and magnetic wall base. With 1 channel of control, the Paradigm MTRF-REM-1C remotes are perfect for individual rooms and home shade control. All Rollease remote controls allow you to program the limits of the shade, set a favorite shade position and adjust the speed of the motor.

The motors store the limits set by the remote controls and memory is not lost when power is disconnected. With the momentary press of a button, you can command the shade to go to the Full UP, Full Down or to a customer specified Favorite position. No need to hold the button down and wait for the shade to reach the desired position. Each motor can be controlled by up to 10 remote controls or channels on the same remote control. You can use channels of controls as individual or group motor channels. All shades on the same group channel will operate simultaneously.

Lock Feature - The lock feature prevents unwanted changes to already programmed shades.


  • Compatible with ARC motors


  • Touch Sensitive Buttons


  • Slim Magnetic Wall Mount


  • Leveling control


  • Contemporary Design