Automate LI-ION motor 1.1 #MTDCBRFQ45-1.1

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Rollease Acmeda Li-ion motor 1.1 #MTDCBRFQ45-1.1


AUTOMATE | Li-ion ARC motors offer a wirefree rechargeable easy to use and program solution to suit a large range of applications, with varying torques and speed levels. The Leveling Control feature allows for precise positioning of multiple shades ensuring perfect alignment. Additionally, a favorite position can be pre-set and recalled at any time.


Did you know that you get 500 shade cycles per charge? Our Li-Ion batteries are estimated to power 500 up/down cycles per charge. These numbers are impacted by shade size and fabric weight, but on average our motors in prevalent size shades are able to last about a year and half under normal operation (one cycle per day). You also get 500 recharge cycles per motor. Automate Li-Ion motors can successfully be recharged around 500 times.


Fortunately, the batteries cannot be overcharged. Automate motors feature a charge-management circuit that adjusts the amount of electrical current feeding the battery. As a battery reaches its maximum charge, the circuit will limit the current eventually shutting off power once the battery is fully charged.


The batteries will degrade slowly over time. Lithium-Ion batteries degrade over time, as does everything. The real question is how much and when. Our lifecycle testing suggests that our Li-Ion batteries exhibit nominal annual degradation, and that the degradation is consistent over time (i.e., there is no cliff where the batteries will unexpectedly stop holding a charge). The batteries will degrade slowly over time – the rate depends on load, environmental conditions, manufacturing and use. But they can hold a meaningful charge for the duration of their useful life (500 charges). 


  • Leveling Control


  • Simple limit setting and adjustment


  • Favorite position


  • 3 operational speed settings available


  • 2-way RF communication


  • Rechargeable built in Li-ion battery