Automate ARC Li-ion Q2 Roller Shade Rechargeable Motor #MTDCBRFQ28-2

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Rollease Automate ARC Li-ion Q2 Roller Shade Rechargeable Motor MTDCBRFQ28-2


The Rollease MTDCBRFQ28-2 is part of the Automate | Li-ion motor line-up. These shade motors feature a long-life built-in lithium-ion battery. Say goodbye to expensive external batteries. Lithium-ion battery technology is mature and has moved into motorized shade. This is now the default option for retrofit installations where wiring a power source is not possible. The built-in lithium battery is expected to provide approximately 500 cycles of operation (depends on shade size) before needing a charge. That means you'll only need to plug in the optional external battery charger once a year or so.

The Rollease MTDCBRFQ28-2 is a quiet (-44DBa) radio frequency-based motor for small to large shades with its 2Nm lifting capacity and 1.5" and 2" tube compatibility ARC (Automate Radio Communication) is Rollease's proprietary radio communication technology that brings your motorized system together, offering a variety of functions utilizing 433MHz bi-directional RF communication. The efficient programming using ARC technology allows you to program the limits of the shade, set a favorite shade position and adjust the speed of the motor. The Leveling Control allows precise simultaneous position control of multiple shades on the same remote-control channel ensuring perfect alignment.

Bi-directional, two-way radio control communication gives you immediate feedback showing shade positions and motor battery health relayed via the smart phone app while utilizing the Rollease Pulse mobile device hub. 

  • Recommended max shade size 120”x 120”
  • Leveling control and 2-way RF communication
  • Rechargeable built in Li-ion battery
  • Favorite position and simple limit setting and adjustment
  • 3 operational speed settings available