Skyline SL20 Roller Shade Clutch (Black) #SL20H53BK

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<b>RollEase Skyline SL20 Roller Shade Clutch (Black)</b><br>The Skyline™ system features a patented improvement on the smooth and dependable operating clutch technology found in the R-Series, in a sleeker and rounded profile. With a wider array of colors and sizes, matching rounded end caps, and universal single and dual brackets, Skyline clutches offer greater versatility and ease of installation. Rollease Acmeda Skyline clutches are ideal for both residential and commercial applications. Skyline clutches feature Rollease Acmeda’s patented Velvetrol™ technology, and our lifetime warranty, and can be used in any rolling shade where overall aesthetics are important. <br><br> Has the same high reliability as the R-Series, but with universal brackets, a spring-loaded pin end, a smoother pull with a slimmer profile and a greater variety of colors and sizes. <br><br>Like the R-Series, the Skyline system features an improvement in the smooth, reliable operating clutch technology in a more sophisticated and rounded profile. There is no need to sacrifice design for function. Skyline clutches have a Limited Lifetime Warranty and can be used in any rolling shade where overall aesthetics are important. 


  • Internal spring arrangement provides a smoother feel when pulling a shade up or down


  • Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Fiberglass-filled nylon construction provides long lasting durability


  • Sleek, rounded end cap and no-notch fascia design for a more polished finish


  • Hooked clutches for easy and universal performance