Sonesse 30 RTS 24V DC

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Sonesse 30 RTS 24V DC #1241142


Quiet small shade motorization that features interchangeable, colored motor head covers designed to blend into any décor. This motor adapts to any hardware to consistently reduce the light gap. With this product you get comfort, convenience and privacy. Convenient solution for glare reduction and privacy.

 Simple and effortless - Move blinds effortlessly and remotely thanks to radio control. You have the option to move blinds to a favorite ‘‘my’’ position in one click.

Discreet integration and home harmony - smaller diameter to maximize viewable window space. 



  • Convenient solution to reduce glare on TVs and computers


  • Superior quiet performance


  • Move your blinds effortlessly and remotely thanks to radio control


  • Move your blinds to your favorite "my" position with one click


  • Soft stop and soft start protect the fabric


  • Thin, discreet round head with optional, interchangeable motor head covers to match decor