Telis 16 RTS Pure Remote Control with On-Screen Display for Motorized Blinds, 16 Channel (Silver) #1811082

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Somfy Telis 16 RTS Pure Remote Control with On-Screen Display for Motorized Blinds


The Telis 16 RTS hand-held remote allows for control of up to 16 individual motorized products or 16 groups of motorized products with the push of a button. Visual product icons appear in an on-screen display to easily identify what is controlled on each channel.


Comfort & Convenience - close and open groups of window treatments with a single gesture. The tedious task of raising and lowering a group of coverings is now simplified with the Telis 16 RTS. This 16-channel remote control features an on-screen display for easy navigation and offers the convenience of adjusting window coverings in multiple areas throughout the home.


Ease of Use - Easy programming, greater personalization with a few presses of a button. Add our visual product icons to quickly identify what product or products each channel controls. Use Somfy's exclusive “my” feature to set your most used or favorite position between fully opened or fully closed to give you the most convenience and use. The clear and functional design provides a high-quality image with exceptional ease of use with its soft, rounded shape that’s comfortable to hold and large screen for improved visibility. 



  • CONVENIENT - open or close hard-to-reach window coverings individually or as a group without having to interrupt your activity


  • EFFORTLESS - Enjoy a sun-drenched morning by simply opening all the motorized blinds while preparing for the day. When the sun’s strength gets too strong, just close the motorized blinds ... all with the press of a button.

  • EASY TO USE - Operate multiple channels from the same hand-held remote, create groups that make sense for your life such as assigning all motorized products in the same room to one channel so that they always raise and lower together, or control separate motorized applications individually, such as assigning your motorized awning to one channel and assigning your motorized drapery to a separate channel.

  • GREATER PERSONALIZATION - Once a channel is assigned, you can view and name the channel with a few simple button presses.

  • CLEAR DESIGN ELEMENTS - The on-screen display makes it easy to program and navigate through settings. You can assign each channel a name, icon and/or number.