Telis 4 RTS Lounge Remote, 5 Channel #1810652

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Somfy Telis 4 RTS Lounge Remote, 5 Channel (1810652)


Five channel hand-held remote provides control of either five individual motorized applications or five groups of motorized applications. The black finish offers a classic look for any décor. Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) provides compatibility with a full range of RTS controls and accessories and allows operation of motorized applications within a range of 65 feet. It is compatible with all motorized shades, blinds, drapes, rolling shutters, and awnings featuring Radio Technology Somfy RTS.


You can instantly create the ideal natural light environment without having to interrupt your activity with a simple button press. The RTS remote is omni-directional, so no need to aim the remote at the product being controlled. It has an exclusive Somfy MY feature that saves a favorite/preferred product position without having to fine tune it each time.  In addition to standard OPEN and CLOSE features, the Telis remote enables the user to pre-establish a favorite stop location. a.k.a. “MY” favorite position. An example could be to command the RTS motorized window covering to a 50% or 75% open or closed position when the “MY” button is briefly pressed. 



  • MODERN LOOK: Sleek lines, simple design and great finishes.

  • COMFORTABLE FEEL: Tactile buttons and a protective rubber back coating.

  • EVERY WINDOW IS WITHIN REACH: Radio frequency (RF) technology reaches window treatments 25-65 feet away, indoors or outdoors, without aiming.

  • ALWAYS WHERE YOU WANT IT: Telis 4 RTS includes a unique wall holder so it’s always where you want it, right inside a doorway or wherever convenient.

  • QUICK AND EASY SETUP: Follow the included instructions to quickly connect Telis 4 RTS to your existing Somfy products and take control of the natural light in your home.