Sonesse 40 RTS 404S2 RH without Fast Connector #1001636

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Somfy Sonesse 40 RTS 404S2 RH without Fast Connector #1001636

The Sonesse 40 range is putting window coverings in motion with quiet precision (quiet & versatile). These motors are ideal for variety of interior window covering applications. Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) allows wireless radio control of motorized applications via the RTS family of controls. If you are at the office or at home, silence is a key factor for well-being. The Sonesse range offers an added value of acoustic performance to quality and compatibility. You will reduce energy costs and protect furnishings from damaging UV rays. The Sonesse 40 utilizes timers to schedule daily open and close times.


  • Convenient solution for glare reduction and privacy
  • Superior performance, reliability and ease of operation
  • Close and open all window treatments with a single gesture
  • Smartphone and tablet app available for quick and easy control even while away
  • Use natural voice commands to control RTS motorized solutions by adding Somfy's Tahoma